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Personal Teaching Solutions L.L.C. was founded by Sasha Morello in 2014 in South Florida. Its mission continues to strengthen every day, namely, to offer solutions to the problems faced by children and their parents/caretakers specifically in the school system and also in everyday life.

In the beginning, Sasha was asked to “tutor” and she was hired to provide support to students who were experiencing a myriad of challenges in school, however, she never liked the title, tutor. For many, the word tutor has a negative connotation, as if something is missing or wrong with the learner. It never seemed fair to Sasha that adults have access to personal trainers, personal chefs, even personal assistants; yet a student gets a tutor. Sasha knew her approach was unique. What emerged was a new concept to describe her approach and vision. Sasha was more than a tutor – she was a Personal Teacher. This new title clearly described what she exemplifies and what students truly deserve. Each student deserves a Personalized Teacher. In addition, parents/caretakers deserve an ally – someone who can walk them through the challenges that arise around school, education, and life. A Personal Teacher is someone who truly sees the learner who is before them and honors them for who they are as an individual and where they are on their learning path. The path is about discovering the joy of learning, inner knowing and self-reliance.

Personal Teaching Solutions has expanded into wider arenas, developed deeper understandings, and continues to focus on outer and inner peace and comprehensive advancement. Now Personal Teaching Solutions is the prime offering of SaltedKetchup. By focusing on the whole learner, support is offered beyond academics – to include social, emotional, physical and mental well-being.

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Professional Support Services

Assistance on the (not so paved) road of life.

A person outside of the family dynamic to listen

A professional to turn to for business endeavours

A teacher to offer diverse learning paths

A reflection to help you see what you may not recognize in yourself

An ally to stand with you in challenges at school, home, and in the world

A designer to help you build and bring your dreams to life

A friend when it feels like no one understands

A guide to give judgment-free support

An advocate who understands the whisper in your heart and helps to strengthen it into a strong voice

The light when things feel dark


Join us from wherever you are in the world…

Personal Teaching and coaching services available for children, teens and adults:

Literacy & Language

Social and Emotional Skills

home and school connection

Adaptive Learning




Spectrum Learning

Coaching & Advocacy



Test Prep