Meet the Teacher Resource

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This Guide is to offer simple questions to open the door for communication and connection to build a quality relationship. Who is teaching your child? What do you know about your child’s teacher? Do you know what their values are, their intentions, their expectations, their hopes or fears? All of these elements affect a child’s educational experience. Likewise, does the teacher know these things about you and your child? This and more is explored.

If you are a teacher or a parent and the school year has already started, please feel free to use this as an activity to build the bridge between home and school. It can be used as a homework assignment, during a parent-teacher conference, or as a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) activity. The opportunities for how you can incorporate this resource are endless. Each day is new and brings about a different feeling or need. Even if the first day, the first meeting, or even the first week has passed, you can still gain so much from this activity. It can be used each season. It can be referenced when a difficult challenge arises. It is helpful to revisit upon from time-to-time as needed. The purpose is to "Meet the Teacher" and have the teacher meet you (the parent and the learner). The intention is for the teacher, the student, and the parent to truly get to know and understand one another. The goal is to build a strong school and home connection for the year, and create a bond that could last a lifetime! Please note the 'parent' may also be the caretaker for the learner.

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