SaltedKetchup Connecting Letters, Language & Life 3rd Edition *ebook*

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Creating pathways for humans to discover and connect!

Connecting Letters, Language & Life is an all-inclusive tool to create a variety of paths for a learner to discover and connect. The creator, Sasha Morello, seeks to honor the true nature and inherent gifts of all humans, and this uniqueness is incorporated on every page of the “Connecting Letters, Language & Life” book.

This 82-page, full color book, is designed around the English alphabet. It is filled with empowering vocabulary and real-life imagery. Language learners can feel nurtured and supported with translations in six (6) world languages including Arabic, Chinese, Haitian-Creole, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. From learning the English alphabet and phonics, to conversation topics, colors, cultures, and creativity, this book offers it all!

Educators, parents, families and children can utilize this awe-inspiring book as a means to bring joy and diversity to learning.  We now EXCLUSIVELY offer the 3rd Edition in ebook format. This book is a must have for any English learner.

This ebook is 100% downloadable and features over 80 full colored pages that can be viewed on any electronic device (including smartphones, tablets, Mac/PC Computers, smart TV's, etc.). Enjoy the magical images that complement English language patterns and principles with translations in 6 languages!