We are Unique


Like our name suggests- we are unique- just like you!

The SaltedKetchup style connects to the true nature and inherent gifts of all humans.

SaltedKetchup celebrates individuality and inclusivity through our Personalized Teaching Solutions, professional services, virtual dance parties and creative products to help children, teens and grownups thrive.





the Learning Process


to Fundamentals



Revitalize the Learning Process


The learning process is filled with acceptance, joy, inspiration and connection. The SaltedKetchup Style revitalizes the current way a learner is given lessons and receives information and training.  By revitalizing the learning process, the learner can return to the fundamentals.

Return to Fundamentals


The fundamentals are what we return to throughout life. It is the foundation where human beings can firmly plant their feet. It is a place to return to when one loses their footing. It is grounding, truth, and safe. When we feel secure in the fundamentals of life, we can restore our essence.



Restore Essence


The essence is quite literally the energy that is in all life and all matter. Essence is the unspoken uniqueness of everything. By giving back the energy to our inherent, beautiful human nature, we restore essence.




We are grateful

you are here.

When your individuality connects you to another human, that is – ‘SaltedKetchup’.