About Us

Welcome to the Home of SaltedKetchup

The resting place for our big dreams and imaginative ideas.

Our word and our world – SaltedKetchup – celebrates inclusivity and individuality.

Come as you are.

 Show up.

Take a Deep Breath.


Get comfortable and make yourself at home.

Be seen for being you.

Feel appreciated and honored.

Savor the sweetness of life.

Feel free and included.

Celebrate the simplicity of life.

Find what you have been craving.

Let it nourish and support your soul.

We are welcoming and including everyone to the lunch table. Time spent sitting around the table having a meal is the universal symbol of exchange, love and generosity.

Here at SaltedKetchup, we extend this intention and bring it to everyday life.

FAQ – CurioUS About US?

Is this a gimmick, some kind of method, or catch phrase?  

Not at all, it’s a style, a way of showing up in the world.

Who do you serve?

Children, teens and adults. To us it makes sense to include everyone, it’s just our style.

If we serve the child, we also serve the parent. If we serve the parent, we also serve the teacher. If we serve the teenager, we also serve their friends. If we serve the entrepreneur, we also serve the clients. It is the connection to the whole person, the view of the whole story and the whole essence.

How did you come up with the name?

Thinking back about how we came up with the name, brings such sweet memories. It was simply over a casual lunch when we first met, where we each literally salted our ketchup instead of the fries because it made sense and works better. In turn, we felt better. Our connection based on our silly, smart, unique approach to eating french fries, made us feel connected rather than judged.

What makes us unique?

Our individual and shared perspectives, along with the willingness to defy norms and odds – is what makes us unique. We view the world from many lenses. We do things that make sense, work better and feel better.