SaltedKetchup Cube


The Soft, Safe, Squishy, Inspirational Cube that is Perfect for ALL AGES!

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Have fun with the Internationally-known SaltedKetchup Cube! What does this fun- loving, squishy,  easy-to-use, easy-to-clean,  toy and tool all-in-one do?
Well, it can do just about anything!
It is a stress reliever. It is a warm reminder. It is a motivational tool. It is an inspirational message. It teaches language, builds relationships and helps instill positive behaviors and emotions. It allows for open expression and ignites creativity!
What's the right age range you ask. The cool thing about this world famous Cube is that it knows no ages or limits or boundaries. It's a great toy for even just playing toss and expressing appreciation or to give a gentle, (or not so gentle,) squeeze when you need just that little extra support.
Proudly handmade right here in the USA!